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Members and Associate members may submit available positions by filling out the following information. Once reviewed, the position will remain posted for 30 days and may be renewed by contacting MCA-Omaha.

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Looking for an Intern, but can’t find one locally for the time period you’re looking for? Check out MCAA’s student chapter career page to find other MCAA Student Chapter Members looking for internships from across the country.

Go to MCAA Great Futures Site
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Internship Day

MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy Members have the opportunity to participate in exclusive Internship Day interviews each October with our MCA-Omaha Members for both summer and school year internships.

Next Internship Day: Wednesday, October 24, 2018
– Incoming 2019 members will be eligible to participate!!

Learn More About MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy

MCA-Omaha jointly administers apprentice training programs with our local union partners to develop a highly skilled workforce in the fields of plumbing, steamfitting, welding, controls, and service.

Contact for additional information:

Local 16 JATC Coordinator: 402.734.6274

Plumbers Local 16 Application Information

Local 464 JATC Coordinator: 402.333.5859

Steamfitters & Plumbers Local 464 Application Information

If you are interested in joining an organization with continuous learning opportunities, excellent wage and benefit packages, and an opportunity to be a part of an industry with a reputation for quality workmanship, then check out opportunities with one of our labor partners below.

Contact for additional information:

  • Plumbers Local 16 Organizer:  402.734.6274 – Joe Virgil
  • Steamfitters & Plumbes Local 464 Organizer: 402.333.5859 – Shawn Dugan – Omaha or Carl Mau – Lincoln

MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy

The MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy is a multi-campus student organization under the guidance of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Omaha.

The mission is to expose qualified students to career opportunities in the local mechanical contracting industry. We will accomplish this mission by offering opportunities for internships, scholarships, industry site visits, attendance at MCA-Omaha meetings, and social events. This interaction will build relationships with industry leaders to jumpstart the beginning of the student’s professional career.

Pictured below is our 2018 MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy Class.

Eric Moser – UNO CM Major 2019
Brianne Inselman – UNO AE Major 2021
Ruth Edgar – UNL CM Major 2019
Jessica Lee – UNO AE Major 2020
Sarah Drummey – UNO AE Major 2019
Ali Brown – UNO CM Major 2020
Jen Mack – UNO AE Major 2021
Marilyn Adame Ortiz – UNL CM Major 2021
Masen Dinklage – UNO ME Major 2021
Matthew Juhnke – UNO AE Major 2021
Ian Ritchie – UNL ME Major 2021

Nate Snyder – UNL ME Major 2020
Erik Huskey – UNO CM Major 2019
Mitch Sieh – UNO AE Major 2021
Jack Buckley – UNO AE Major 2020
Jarrod Blaser – UNL ME Major 2021
Nick Lassek – UNO AE Major 2018
Austin Seagren – UNO AE Major 2019
Josh Smrcina – UNO AE Major 2018
Alex Boll – UNO CM Major 2019
Brook Boehmer – UNL CM Major 2019
*Rose Gensichen – UNL CM Major 2018

Follow the Leadership Academy on Facebook!

The application period for 2019 has concluded.  Applications for 2020 will be available in August 2019.

  • 2020 applications will be due in September 2019.
  • Interviews with the Membership Selection Committee will be conducted in October 2019.
  • Members will be notified by October 15th of their acceptance.
  • Membership begins January 2020 and will be reviewed annually in December.

Want to get involved?

Please contact our student president, Nate Snyder ( for information on how to get involved prior to membership selection.

How Does it Work?

All participating contractors will gather in our conference room around the board table at the same time on a selected day in October. Each student enters, one at a time, for a 15-minute interview with the group of contractors. Following the interviews, we help match the student with a company based on the student’s experience and/or desired opportunities, as well as the needs of the particular companies.

The only commitment from Internship Day is for a summer internship, but of course we hope to see full time positions blossom out of our program if the pairing works out for both the student and company.

Opportunities are also available for internships during the school year by contacting the MCA-Omaha office.

Next Internship Day: Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Each Academy Member is paired with a one-on-one contractor mentor for the calendar year. Students can expect to participate in at least 4 activities with their mentor, including:

  • A jobsite tour
  • An office visit or shop tour
  • Attend a MCA-Omaha meeting together
  • Meet for coffee or lunch

Students and mentors also meet all together each year in January for our Annual Mentor Meet & Greet. A short ice-breaker game is played to get the students thinking outside of the box, as well as meet everyone for the first time.

Additional interactions and continued communication are highly encouraged!

Academy Members have the opportunity to apply for multiple scholarships each spring and are typically awarded at the Beer Tasting Fundraiser event, as well as announced at the University Banquets.

MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy Scholarships – Named for the Donating Company
Starting at $500 Each, quantities very each year.

MCAA Chapter of Excellence Scholarships – Distributed on years when the chapter receives this prestigious MCAA chapter recognition award.
Scholarships vary in amount, but typically total $5,000 for the group.

Previous Scholarship Recipients

2018 Recipients

Mechanical Systems Scholarship
Ruth Edgar
Nate Snyder

MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy Scholarship
Jarrod Blaser

MCAA Chapter of Excellence Scholarships
Marilyn Adame-Ortiz
Masen Dinklage
Matthew Juhnke
Erik Huskey
Mitch Sieh

2017 Recipients

Hayes Mechanical Scholarship
Sarah Drummey

Bob & Mary Mumm Scholarship
Rose Gensichen

MCAA Chapter of Excellence Scholarships
Jack Buckley
Tim Drake
Sarah Drummey
Ruth Edgar
Rose Gensichen

2016 Recipients

Mechanical Systems Scholarships
Rose Gensichen
Kevin McIntyre

MCAA Chapter of Excellence Scholarships
Tim Drake
Sarah Drummey
Kyle Ellison
Rose Gensichen

2015 Recipients

Johnson Controls Scholarship
Mary Kleinsasser

Mechanical Systems Scholarships
Kevin Gidden
Kevin McIntyre

MCAA Chapter of Excellent Scholarships
Jack Buckley
Adam Crnkovich
Tim Drake
Kyle Ellison
Peter Niechwiadowicz

Offer a Scholarship

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Mentor Meet & Greet – January
NAWIC Block Kids Community Service Event – February
MCAA Convention & Omaha Night – March
Beer Tasting Fundraiser – April
Classroom Recruitment Visits – August
MCA-Omaha Fall Outing Social Event – September
MCAA Great Futures Forum – September / October
Internship Day – October
Heat’s On Omaha / Lincoln
– September & October
Wine Tasting Fundraiser – November
+ Monthly MCA-Omaha Meetings and Seminars

Please check back in December for information on how to get involved with our 2019 MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy Members.

Build Our Nebraska

Build Our Nebraksa

The construction industry is the nation’s largest single industry, employing more people and contributing more money to America’s bottom line than any other single industry. With the need for new schools, hospitals, housing and other commercial buildings only increasing, the industry is going to need more and more quality workers to get all of the projects done.

Plumbing and steamfitting are no exception. Check out these two outstanding career opportunities below to learn more about how you could start your career in an industry where you are presented with new challenges everyday, continuously learning new skills and technologies, and receiving a wage and benefit package, even as an apprentice, that will provide for you and your family. Plus, you’ll actually be able to say, “I built that!”

Steamfitters fabricate, assemble, install, maintain, and repair piping systems that transport all types of fluids, slurries, and gas in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

They learn through an approved apprenticeship how to install, change and repair pipe systems and do all types of pipe welding, in addition to measuring, cutting, bending, threading, and joining pipes.

The Steamfitters and Plumbers Local 464 apprenticeship program is 5 years and includes hands on training while working for a mechanical contractor, as well as classroom instruction in tools, materials, math, blueprint reading, safety, building information modeling (BIM), and a variety of other classes.

Plumbers perform work that is essential to the health and safety of our community. Plumbers install drinking water, waste, and ventilating systems, as well as wastewater treatment systems large and small in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and commercial and manufacturing facilities.

The Plumbers Local 16 apprenticeship program is 5 years and includes hands on training while working for a mechanical contractor, as well as classroom instruction in tools, materials, math, blueprint reading, safety, building information modeling (BIM), and a variety of other classes.

With a growing focus on green technologies, water conservation and energy efficiency, the demand for plumbers will increase significantly in the years ahead.

Typical Wages

First-Year Apprentice
$24,000 – $34,000 Net Taxable + Benefits

Licensed Journeyman
$66,000 – $72,000 Net Taxable + Benefits

For additional information on Nebraska Construction Careers, check out While you’re there, be sure to check out the videos and view “Ben – Journeyman Plumber” to hear a firsthand account of this rewarding career.

Government Relations

state capitol

MCA-Omaha supports initiatives that enhance economic development throughout the state of Nebraska by fostering a business-friendly tax environment, promoting public and private construction, reducing regulations on small businesses, and creating opportunities to expand training for skilled workers.

MCA-Omaha maintains relationships with local, state, and federally elected offices regarding issues affecting the mechanical contracting industry.

MCA-Omaha will post relevant legislative updates in this section. Please contact Kelsey Johnson at 402.592.3330 if you have specific bills or ordinances that you would like to have brought to the attention of the Government Relations Committee.

Additional Resources

Mechanical Contractors Association of America
Check out MCAA’s website for the Labor Estimating Manual, the latest in Safety Tools, and valuable educational webinars and national events. All are FREE benefits to MCAA Members.