August 9, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

MCA-Omaha August Webinar – Vish Reddi


9:00 – 10:00 AM (Central)



Time Management

Come discover the key concepts of time management and how to utilize a range of techniques to measure time, develop work structures for effective time management, and develop a repeatable process that is ideal for your needs. The topics that we will cover in this session include: 

  • The Meaning of Time Management 
  • Developing Repeatable Patterns 
  • Structuring for Better Time Management 
  • Tools & Techniques (ex: Focused Workflow, Eisenhower Matrix, Rag Analysis)

About the Speaker:

Vish began his full-time professional career in 2004, for a small Tier 1 supplier to the auto industry. He had interned with them while pursuing his master’s at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Vish was recruited by Jacobs Engineering and joined them in 2006. His main role was to lead teams to update many manufacturing facilities to meet cGMP standards and build some new ones for his clients. This gave Vish the opportunity to travel to various locations in the country and perform some unique projects building factories around the nation for the food and pharmaceutical industries. He continued this work for household brands such as: Kellogg’s, Con-Agra Foods, Medtronic, Target Corporation and Novartis. While working for such a diverse group of clients across the nation was challenging and satisfying, it also required Vish to hone his project management skills. He was dealing with people from various backgrounds, both technical and cultural. Developing strategic plans, executing on tight timelines and budgets, and leading multiple teams in multiple locations working on various projects all at the same time required him to lean on his strengths in project management to be successful. He is now part of the faculty in the Construction Management Program at the University of Nebraska and operates his consulting firm based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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