September 13, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

2022 MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy Applications Due

Thank you for your interest in the MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy!

MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy – Member Opportunities:

  • Internships with MCA-Omaha companies
  • Scholarships through MCA-Omaha and MCAA
  • Job Placement assistance prior to graduation
  • Mentoring (one-on-one) from a MCA-Omaha Member or Associate Member
  • Networking at MCA-Omaha monthly meetings and social functions, plus UNL/UNO Alumni Network
  • Leadership training through committee participation
  • National trip opportunities to the MCAA Convention, WiMi, and Great Futures Forum
    (MCAA National Convention = March 2022 in San Diego, CA)
    (WiMi – Women in the Mechanical Industry = June 2022 in Austin, TX)

    (Great Futures Forum = September 2022, Boston, MA) 
  • Education on hot construction topics and technology
  • National Competition Team with real-world construction proposal submission


MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy – Member Expectations

  • Committee member participation
  • Attend MCA-Omaha Leadership Academy mentoring, community service and fundraising events
  • Attend occasional MCA-Omaha meetings/ educational seminars / social events


Membership Selection Procedure:

  1. Applications must be submitted online by 4:00 PM on September 13th, 2021.
  2. Interviews with the Membership Selection Committee will be on September 23rd in Omaha & 24th in Lincoln.
  3. New Members will be notified by September 28th of their acceptance.
  4. A Welcome Meeting will be held on October 12th.
  5. Membership officially begins January 2022 and will be reviewed annually.


Applications due September 13th!


Contact Michele Hoffman (MCA-Omaha) at 402.305.8969 or
or Bryce Danielson (student president) at 402.366.2145 or


Check out the Academy’s Facebook Page.

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